moga mogami

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Who doesn’t love a cute japanese schoolgirl uniform and Totoro? c:

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The greatest battles you’ll ever face exist within the mind.

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-Sweet Beats-

was feelin them vinyl vibes yo

Available on Society6!

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Ugh onwards to math stuff~

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Sometimes I can stand there looking at you while you have no clue what’s wrong with me :)

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sailor swap!

a print i made for con season (i’ll be at animinneapolis, a-kon, anime expo, and san japan), which will be available in my store within the next month or so!

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Ice & Fire by BathorYume on Flickr.

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Life of a Dancer | via Tumblr en We Heart It -

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request for tricksterjakeshotass

although the purple fawn is also for xfawnx since its purple… and a fawn 

btw never read my tags i am disgusted with myself

this would make such a boss sticker sheet though

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